Care & Detailing

aurora-detail1. Rinse off the boat

It’s better to use freshwater for any boat cleaning task to lessen the amount of salt and minerals that gets into contact with your vessel. This will also get rid of the sand that may have accumulated in the nooks and crannies of your boat. Even if you’re not going to perform an all-out detailing job, a freshwater bath is still a preventive maintenance measure at the end of the day.

2. Clean the exterior with marine soap

Standard household cleaners are not boat-friendly, so try to avoid them when shopping for a cleaning product. These contain high-level alkaline that can strip the remaining wax off your hull and potentially damage it further. Work your way from top to bottom, and make sure to pay extra time on the hard water spots on the hull. You can use a vinegar solution to rid of hard water spotting, if your commercial cleaner can’t take care of the problem. Let the entire boat dry completely before applying wax.

3. Pick the right wax product

Light oxidation or rusting can be addressed by cleaner wax, but heavy oxidation requires restorer wax. Assess the condition of your boat’s gel coat to determine which one you need. You can use a soft cloth or sponge to apply the wax manually. For a more even application, an electric buffer may be necessary. Rub in the product completely so that it forms a tough protective layer over the boat’s paint job. Allow your boat to dry before taking it out for a spin.